The Ascension Formula

and the balance of masculine and feminine energies through the heart chakra. July 1-3, 2024

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The Spiritual Journey...

can be challenging, confusing, and just difficult at times. You know that you came here for a purpose, but may not be sure exactly what that purpose is. What makes this journey easier is to have guidance. We all need guidance and we should get the guidance from whoever we resonate with on a soul level.

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Professor Melanie

Professor Melanie is not just an academic powerhouse but also a living testament to the principles of abundance. As a mother of three wonderful girls and the entrepreneurial force behind he has traveled extensively to explore ancient texts and traditions, founding two successful seven-figure companies, Spiritual Ascension University and Ascensions By Zoe. , her life resonates with the balance of purpose and prosperity. She has ardently pursued her passion for spirituality, sharing her insights with friends, family, and now, with an online community of over 50,000 members. With Bachelor’s degrees in Africana Studies & Spanish from Rutgers University, and a Master’s Degree in Education focusing on Linguistics, Melanie brings a rich perspective on the confluence of spirituality, culture, and abundance. Her journey is underpinned by her deep immersion in ancient texts, and her travels around the globe have further enriched her understanding of diverse cultures and traditions. Join her as she shares a blend of time-honored wisdom and practical tools to help you navigate your path to true abundance.