Soul Mission Reading
Soul Mission Reading

Soul Mission Reading

Professor Melanie

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90 Minute Live Video Call

Understanding your soul's purpose holds immense significance on your spiritual journey, offering you a sense of clarity and inner peace by illuminating the path you should tread and shedding light on the reasons behind life's various events.

I employ a holistic approach, drawing insights from your natal chart, numerological chart, and my intuitive abilities to unravel your soul's mission, identify your unique talents, strengths, and challenges. This process aims to provide you with a profound understanding of your essence and the purpose behind your existence. Additionally, I utilize numerology to corroborate insights and offer guidance on the timing of pivotal decisions and life events.

In our interactive consultation, I will delve into your natal chart placements, offering a deeper understanding of your identity and how it intertwines with the calling you've embarked upon in this lifetime.  I have done hundreds of consultations and have been accurate on every one!  

During our session, I will help you:

·       Identify your soul's mission

·       Identify who you are to be working with

·       Identify what you should be doing

·       Identify what's been holding you back

·       Know how to tell when you are in the right or wrong direction

·       Know exactly the cycle that you are in to know what you should be doing now

·       Identify your strongest spiritual gifts

·       I will also give you practical exercises to help you strengthen these gifts

·       Identify your traumas that have kept your from abundance on your spiritual path

To ensure the accuracy of this process, please have your place of birth and the exact birth time readily available. 

There will be no refunds offered on Consultations once you make payment and book this consultation.


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