"She makes things personable she not only does a consultation but she will email you a few days after to ask you about how your progress is going."

Last year towards the end of February I had what most people would call a spiritual awakening. I went from comfortably going to church listening to sermons on YouTube every Sunday to not wanting anything to do with it naturally. It wasn’t any bad experiences. I wasn’t the church outcast I literally couldn’t go because something inside was telling me this wasn’t real truth. So I did what I believe most people do in confused times. YouTube and Google it. Lol 

       After doing some research I felt a little better knowing I wasn’t losing my mind and more importantly this was something that was actually becoming more common in recent years. At that point I just wanted to be on top of things I wanted to learn everything because I felt like my whole life was this game of deception. Now that I finally came across real truth it was my responsibility to gain as much knowledge as possible to be able to teach people. So they could also have a chance to come in contact with truth. The only issue is I had no teacher. 

     YouTube can be a very scary place if you don’t have discernment and if you don’t know who to listen to. So my mom had me follow a few people she had been listen to. One of the YouTube channels has a lot of followers and they’re known for uploading pretty good spiritual content from different teachers. Some videos they uploaded I enjoyed and some of them I just couldn’t understand. I felt like I was moving forward but not having a teacher put me as such a disadvantage.

       A few months went by and I was still on my spiritual journey but at this point I was just becoming discouraged because I didn’t know what I was doing. I felt like I surpassed the people who was simply “woke” around me. And honestly at some point thought Spirituality was just like the church. People putting labels on themselves to feel righteous, yet not making any real transformation to spark any real growth in themselves let alone the people around them. 

       I was really in a discouraging place when I watched my first video from Ms. Mel. I felt like she was the first teacher that came with authenticity and passion. From day 1. That’s hard to do on YouTube especially when everyone is moving for like and subscribers. She was explaining how we are going from being a woke people to people of awareness. The words she spoke was literally music to my ears because I felt like finally someone was addressing the fact that there was levels to the spirituality stuff and you just didn’t come into consciousness and arrive that there was work to be done. That was 6 months ago since then I have a consultations, numerous Instagram conversations and proudly enrolled myself into the Sprit Doula Academy. 

       Ms.Mel is a teacher on a soul level! When she breaks things down you have no choice but to grasp whatever concept she speaking on. She makes things personable she not only does a consultation but she will email you a few days after to ask you about how your progress is going in whatever you may have spoke about. Some people teach so that you can be dependent on them forever Ms Mel teaches so that you can learn for yourself and most of all teach the people around you. I’m so thankful for her devotion to teaching truth.  

Pere G.

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