"She let me know my soul mission. It is time to get to work!"

I have been a student of spiritual subjects for many decades. But, for the past few years I've been having intense spiritual experiences and “gifts" that I did not know what to do with or who to turn to for help. In searching for answers, I found the Spirit Doula's YouTube video. In the video she described (synchronistically) the very thing I was experiencing. It was chilling. It immediately inspired me to schedule my first ever spiritual consultation. One of my best decisions.

At our consultation Ms. Melanie utilized channeled messages from my spirit team.  I was protected. We talked about spiritual gifts that are developing in me and she validated the gifts in a hard to describe spiritual way. She answered all my questions and concerns during our consultation. She let me know my soul mission. It is time to get to work.

Ms. Melanie is about empowerment. Melanie provides you with tools, knowledge, and support to do the Soul's work.  But she lets you know that YOU have to do the work to become a sovereign being. Finally, she is genuine, warm, and caring. If you are reading this, you probably have been guided here. I highly recommend you schedule a spiritual consultation with Ms. Melanie and connect with yourself and soul family.  Her spiritual consultation brought me much needed answers to my spiritual questions and relief knowing I have support from my soul team.

Love and Peace! George Diaz.

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