"She helped me realize for once and for all that I wasn’t going crazy."

What can I say about Melanie....”Life Saver”....”Walking Divine Blessing”...”Spiritual Friend”....”Beautiful & Wise Soul“, who assists in times of chaos and confusion. These are just “SOME” of the many ways I can describe what this woman has been for me on my journey. It would take me ALL of the review space, on this website just to describe the bare minimum of ways she has kept me from falling off a ledge.  It’s not easy adjusting while on this spiritual walk into the unknown. 

Around September or August of last year my life rapidly changed. I thought I was losing my mind literally & physically. Things were starting to happen to me, that as a Christian woman(during that time) made me feel like I was going crazy and the devil himself was haunting me(obviously now I know that wasn’t it at all). 

So, I started to research further to understand what was happening to me and why. I realized what I thought was real about this world was not real at all. It was at that moment I started to externally seek sources & help because I was desperate to have someone explain to me what was happening. The amount of information out there, the different teachers, the different perspectives of “awakening” was overwhelming. I started going through this phase where I was communicating  had with all kinds of other spiritual gurus, teachers, mentors, etc. trying to understand the new me. However, I could never find someone who wasn’t focused on charging me enormous amounts of money; or saying things that would lead to further confusion & fear for me rather than help me understand “me”. 

So one day after spending countless amounts of money & having useless conversations with spiritual people I had a breakdown. I was tired of trying to figure out what was happening to me and paying people, who further complicated my issue. I remember talking to myself & crying thinking about what crazy hospital I could try to check into. So many gifts & experiences were rapidly happening to me, which at the time feel like torture lol. I remember asking my spirit team to help me, I mean I didn’t know who I was asking really; but at this point I had nothing to lose. 

So the next day I was in a Facebook group (which I’m usually never on Facebook because I hate it) and this girl posted Mel’s video telling people to watch her for encouragement. So I clicked on the YouTube video and I cannot explain it, but something about her just resonated with me. It was like I was waiting on her or something (it’s weird to explain), but everything she was explaining was happening to me at that moment. She helped me in that 30min video understand so much about myself, that the people who I had paid $200+ just couldn’t do (I’m mad about that now that I think about it). She said she was doing a video to connect with her soul family and when she said it I felt a instant connection.

Anyway, I’m rambling now, but I sent her this really long email out of desperation hoping and praying she would read it. I cannot explain why I did it, but I just had this feeling of knowing she could help me.

So making a long story, even longer, that email lead me to a powerful mentor. She has helped me understand how to truly connect back to “me” the correct way. She helped me understand what was happening to me and how to deal with the changes. She helped me realize for once and for all that I wasn’t going crazy and this stuff was real that was happening to me. Lastly, and most important she helped me understand how to do the work I needed to do for myself & with myself. This was the most valuable & critical part in my opinion. 

I can go on and on about Mel I really can, but I won’t for the sake of “review space” and allowing room for others to express their experience. Words would never be enough to express how important Mel has been to me and my life this lifetime in just this short lil of time I’ve been working with her. She saved me and she will never truly know just how much she means to me; because I was lost trying to find my way at 1st. She’s someone who truly sacrifices beyond measure to help others during such a “traumatic & confusing” time that takes place when one 1st starts the beginning stages of their spiritual journey. She’s a walking divine blessing, who really wants to help you find your way back to the real you.

C. E.


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