"She gave me tools for protection and ways to connect with my higher self."

The summer of 2019 was a challenging summer for me.  I was a full-time student, had a small studio space where I was teaching Kemetic Yoga 3-4 times a week and was also seeing clients for private sessions a few times a week.  Earlier that year in March, I was invited to join a "sister group" with those I thought were in alignment with me and by the summer things were falling apart terribly.  I was doing my best to continue the drive for the group and the work we said we wanted to do.  By August, the group was done, I had seen the truth about each one of the members and teaching Yoga and completing my school assignments had become harder for me to do.  I was experiencing heavy heart palpitations, headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, and trouble speaking and breathing at the same time.  It was rough getting through sessions and classes, but I pushed through as I usually do.  I kept feeling like I needed to take a break like I needed to take serious time out for myself and get to know myself better for the next part of my journey. 

Although I yearned to know who I was and what my mission was, my focus had been heavily external for years now.  I fought it for a couple more months, but by mid-October, the autoimmune disorder I had been diagnosed with went into full gear once again and most days were a struggle to get out of the bed.  My energy was low, I couldn't even take care of my family.  I would come home from teaching, push through classes I had for school, and pass out on the couch. 

I began fasting the end of October and it was clear that the break Spirit kept demanding me to take was now something I could no longer ignore.  In November I gave up my studio space, took a break from teaching and sharing with my subscribers, and sat at home and waited.  It seemed like nothing was going on, I was in limbo and all I could do was rest.  When was I going to find out what Spirit wanted me to face? 

Then I found a video of Melanie's on YouTube.  She was speaking on the stop signs Spirit gives you and why it's important to follow them because if you ignore them, the resistance will continue.  Everything about her felt like home like I was listening to a motherly big sister who had nothing but my best interest in her heart.  Something I never truly felt from my earthly family. 

I felt a nudge and a tug in her direction and immediately booked a spiritual consultation. Her voice was soothing and welcoming on the other end of the phone.  I felt the connection.  I knew I could trust her with my stories and I knew she would understand even when I felt I couldn't express myself well.  She confirmed blockages I knew I had, told me what my spiritual gifts are and the theme of my Soul mission, shared with me some of the ways I will share these gifts with the Soul Family, and even brought my awareness to archonic energy attacks occurring while I sleep at night (again more confirmation). 

She gave me tools for protection and ways to connect with my higher self.  I expressed to her the chaos I was experiencing with all of the information out here and in her understanding she helped me find clarity on how I am to know the Truth through all of the intentional distractions surrounding me in this realm.  Her consultation gave me the guidance I needed to truly practice what I had been teaching others and the Love she continues to send is always felt. 


Dani Garrick


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