"I was given clarity and confirmation on where I am in my life."

I would start off by saying my life has been a journey. I spent so much time trying to control my action and questioning my results, I’ve come to realize that I’m must trust my efforts and let things flow. I’ve questioned everything since I was a lil girl from being a picky eater to being able to view the people around as emotionally disposed  to disfunction, I would view things  and situations a case study, but to make a long story short I knew there had to be more to life than what I was being exposed to in this material  realm.

So I’ve been on this journey to self discovery and internal understanding and came across many that have led me in a direction to figuring out how to get closer to that and the spirit Doula is one of them. I found her on youtube very familiar energy that resonated with my soul and it was like tuning in to someone who knew and understood where I was right at that moment , I emailed her immediately telling all my business lol , being that I’m not amongst anyone that is like me of course my ego stilled reflected doubt and skepticism in trusting anyone , I continued to press forward and listen and reach out.

Melanie embraced me without judgement but always honest and willing to teach from where she is at and I am thankful, so let me finish this up I scheduled a consultation and I was given clarity and confirmation on where I am in my life and techniques and guidance on how to better connect to myself and being in the know . I say it takes energy to receive energy and just listening to the videos is not enough to personalize your experience and  a consultation with the spirit doula is one that honed in on the specifics of me , customized to my soul, I recommend that everyone that resonates with her take that step and book a consultation.

PeAce and love from The Fifth Element


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